Health Psychology

Develop into the person you’re striving to become

Life is changing. For that reason, get an appointment with a Calgary Psychologist. We specialize in counselling.

First of all, mental health improves with Individual therapy that upgrades your “Anger Management” or “Stress Management” skills. Think you might have relationship issues? Book appointment for you & your spouse for “Couples Counselling” or “Couple Therapy.” Experience solution focused & emotionally focused therapy. Also, psychological assessments target & center on your strengths.

We are Registered Psychologists. Schedule Your Session with a licensed professional: a Calgary Psychologist (Registered Psychologist) or a registered provisional psychologist with the Psychologists Association of Alberta. Above all else, receive focused therapy utilizing a cognitive behavioral therapy foundation.

It is successful for “career counselling,” “self-esteem,” “addictions,” “marital breakdown,” “weight loss” or “weight management,” “sports psychology” or “performance enhancement.” Also, speed up your performance with a psychological assessment. Four private practice locations available in Calgary Alberta.


Psychological counseling & performance coaching improves lives!

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