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Your Communication Style

Your career, your spouse, and your communication. Your communication style is remarkably constant, whether at home or work. You can “fine-tune” gently without making uncomfortable changes.

Your career is important to you and therefore is essential to us. However, one of the biggest influences on our careers is our relationships. You may want to discuss, analyze, and resolve potential concerns or challenges within a leadership framework. If you prefer to start more independently, feel free to review any of these free resources.

Professional Development

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Craft A Critical, Analytical Eye.

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by to visit my website. We can help your career and personal life by providing supportive counseling sessions. We intend to help bring back or bolster feelings of self-confidence as you learn and hone new practical skills and psychological strategies. In this era of COVID-19 and working from home, a lot has changed, and that’s as good a reason as any to brush up on our interpersonal skills.

Potential Blind Spot Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a direct reports conformance to your instructions means respect. Learn more effective ways to build and mend relationships.” Richard Anton

Teamwork is Created, NOT Demanded

“Occasionally, you can get very aggressive when people don’t perform up to your high expectations. You can be especially tough on problem performers. The issue, though, might be that you often don’t involve people enough and don’t volunteer much feedback.”


“Even though you value order and reasonableness, rules and standard practices, and collect concrete information, others seem to feel you have too many interpersonal problems.”

Develop Expertise with Your Leadership Skills

You might benefit from hiring a coach for yourself! Career Management can assist you in making strategic transitions that work for you.


Develop your soft skills – learn which ones you may have expertise using, then implement them daily. Soft or leadership skills are not just about communication and relationships; they help us make better decisions. Don’t change who you are; upgrade your skill set.

Build Your Plan II

I don’t believe life was meant to be a grind—fall in love with your career and those you work with through career management. People generally don’t leave an organization due to their job. They go because of who they have to report to. Sharpen your soft skills by focusing on your strengths.

Change Your Team or Your Style

Instead of expecting specific treatment from people you work with, challenge yourself to learn about your strengths and vulnerabilities first. Then implement those strengths daily. You’ll recognize others naturally, taking a more steady notice of what you’re doing and what you have to say. Get to know “great leadership” by developing it in yourself. This is the nature of Calgary Career Counseling.


We’ve successfully provided our clients with Zoom sessions & Coaching by Phone throughout the COVID pandemic. These sessions are both convenient & confidential. Try something new & explore one for yourself. 

ZOOM sessions X

Take Action.


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