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Career Management. Be Prepared. Have a Plan.

“What’s happening? Sales are up, but my manager is on my back. I’m stressed. I feel bogged down and confused.” You need a plan! Career Management can assist you to develop one that works for you.

Develop your soft skills – of course – learn which ones you’re most influential in, and use them. Just as valuable, is to align your strategy and daily actions with “what’s most important to you,” your values.

Build Your Plan II

I don’t believe that life wasn’t meant to be a grind. Fall in love with your career and those with who you work, through career management. People generally don’t leave an organization due to their job. They go because of who they have to report up to. Sharpen your soft skills by focusing on your personal strengths.

Instead of expecting to receive certain kinds of treatment from people you work with, challenge yourself to learn more about your strengths and vulnerabilities, first. Then implement those strengths on a daily basis. Then start to notice as others naturally begin to take a more steady notice of what you’re doing and what you have to say. Get to know “great leadership” by developing it in yourself. This is the nature of Calgary Career Counseling.


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