Anxiety and Depression

I have found that the easiest and most helpful way to understand “Anxiety and Depression” is to imagine them on opposite ends of a continuum. Title the continuum “energy states.” As our energy state gets too low, we move closer and closer towards depressive states. At the same time, as our energy state gets too high, we move closer and closer toward anxiety states. The most practical therapeutic response is to take matters into your own hands.

For right now, your problem is this uncomfortable “energy state,” of anxiety or depression. Forget about the situation that caused you to feel this way. Focus on where you are on this continuum.

Right now, let’s say you’re in an over-excited state of anxiety. What should you do? Close your eyes and practice responsibly “deep breathing.” Practice meditation if you know how to do so. Aim to reduce stimulation and quiet your mind. Make sense? When you find yourself on the other end of this continuum, simply practice an activity that will move your energy in the preferred direction. Psychologically, this is referred to as “self-regulation.”


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