Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Are you feeling stressed out, depressed? Do you have anxiety? You’ve heard it before; we’re social creatures, creatures of habit. We’re also people who think, and it’s common enough for us to believe that we think rationally, but we’re also emotional people. The inescapable blending of thinking and feeling can lead us toward greatness and happiness. But it can just as simply leave us feeling frazzled, confused, anxious, or down, hopeless and depressed.

anxiety-and-depressionWe provide our present clients with Zoom sessions and Coaching by Phone. The COVID-19 pandemic may have initiated this procedure, but its simplicity, convenience, and confidentiality have made it a great success. Virtual sessions are both practical & rational choices. They’re the responsible choice. Try something new & secure one for yourself.


100% of all appointments are now virtual. If you’d prefer an in-person session, know that normally we also offer this alternative at all of our locations. Sanitisation and proper distancing procedures are in place for your safety and comfort. Wearing a mask is mandatory in reception and all hallway areas, but NOT in our private offices.


Clinical Findings

Pills or skills? For decades research has suggested that the efficacy of therapy and taking medication is similar. I suppose that remembering to take a pill can be considered a skill. It’s a stretch. Learn a skill and skip the pill.

Understanding is straightforward. I have found that the easiest and most helpful way to understand “Anxiety and Depression” is to imagine them on opposite ends of a continuum. Title the continuum “energy states.” As our particular energy state gets too low, we move toward feelings related to depression. Alternatively, as our energy state gets too high, we move closer and closer toward anxiety states. The most practical therapeutic response is to take matters into your own hands.

Practice Your Skills

Consider these facts. Consider that, for right now, your problem is this uncomfortable “energy state” of anxious or depressive feelings. For the immediate moment, forget about the situation that caused you to feel this way. Situations are often beyond our control. Focus instead on where you do have control, on this continuum of feelings. Relax without judging your feelings. Do not judge or analyze them in any way. Although this may sound very similar to “meditation” or “mindfulness,” it is, in fact, a psychological practice that will assist you into “the zone” or “the flow.” The more you practice getting into the flow, the more you may notice how life seems to flow smoothly, effortlessly. Try it.

anxiousRight now, let’s say you’re in an over-excited state of anxiety. What should you do? One option that is always open to you is closing your eyes and practicing responsible “deep breathing.” Practice meditation if you know how to do so. Aim to reduce stimulation in your mind and body. Sit very still, and quiet your mind as well. Doing this is likely to make your state move in the direction of thinking and feeling calm. Make sense?

When you find yourself on the other end of this continuum, practice an activity that will move your energy in the preferred direction, say, going for a walk or a run. Psychologically, this is referred to as “self-regulation.” The practice of self-regulation is a skill, something that we’d all be wise to integrate into our lives.


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