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Married for many years. You’ve built a family and a life together. Now you find yourself thinking about how dissatisfied you are with them. You’re “putting up with them,” that’s all. You’ve built a case for yourself of all the reasons you’re not satisfied anymore. Don’t let everything come crumbling down so easily. There’s a lot you haven’t considered.

There is nothing like a crisis to bring meaningful perspective

A crisis is often pervasive, affecting all aspects of our lives. Similarly, a marital breakdown can cause us to consider all aspects of our world. We think about our personal relationships. But we also have to deal with those relationships we share with family members, friends, and work colleagues.

      • Has marriage been rocky for quite some time?

      • Does spouse say they no-longer love you?

      • One of you is having an affair?

      • Are they moving out?

Have you experienced a marital breakdown?

Book a Tuesday morning session for yourself with Jacqueline Limoges, a part of our professional family since the spring, 2019. “As adults, we perceive the world in our own unique ways. Subsequently, one person’s perceptions differ significantly from every other person’s perceptions. We require support and special encouragement to think with our own best interests in mind, problem-solve, and to behave in responsible ways. Our thoughts shape our behaviors. As a result, I assist each individual in challenging themselves to build a happier frame of mind.”

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