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Want a psychologist who you find easy to relate to? You’ve come to the right place. Amrit is creative and you’ll wish you would’ve heard of her sooner. Tracy is light-hearted and will help you to not feel so down and overwhelmed.

What’s Most Meaningful to You?

Tracy Firth, Provisional Psychologist

I became a psychologist because I thrive on tuning in and connecting with others. I am passionate about it. You will find me intently listening to your story while I formulate ideas about how to dig deeper, helping you unearth insight and opportunities for growth. I offer virtual therapy on Wednesdays & Thursdays, only. Calgary Therapy. Talk about work, talk about your relationships. They’re related.

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What’s Most Important to YOU?

Amrit Kaur, provisional psychologist

Amrit is thorough and will take care of everything. She’ll provide you with a strong, yet gentle and caring process, carefully guiding your focus through sessions. The therapeutic process includes deep listening. “How you talk to yourself or each other,” informs and illuminates your deeply held motivations. My empathic understanding, plus your beliefs or how you “frame and reframe your life experiences” evolves into a healing and therapeutic experience.

The therapeutic process involves patience, understanding, and how you “energize yourself or collaborate with others.” Most critical is “which opportunities you take on” and which ones you pass up or don’t even notice. I can guide you through this process in person or virtually on Mondays and Fridays.

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Change Doesn’t Come Easy

If it did, everyone would do it. So if you want to FEEL differently than you do, CHANGE is likely required somewhere – in your behavior, expectations, perspective, or even strategy. Sometimes it just feels good to connect with another person, but change is healthy and may make us happier, well-adjusted people, but move slowly. It will be less unsettling.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Personal Favorite Ways to Regulate Anxiety

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In-person with Amrit

Talk to me – Amrit Kaur – I have Fridays, in-person sessions at Calgary Place 1, plus virtual sessions on Monday & Friday.

Virtual Thursdays

Talk with one of our psychologistsAnton Counseling & Health Psychology also offers Virtual Wednesdays & Thursdays with Tracy Firth.

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In-person & Virtual sessions

Talk with one of our Calgary psychologists – You can also have virtual or in-person sessions with Richard Anton at Calgary Place 1 in the afternoon or evening.

We all struggle regularly. Why? Because life can be challenging. That’s the way it is. Don’t face it alone. Change is inevitable. Avoiding and putting it off will only lead to more significant discomfort and dissatisfaction. “Rip it” like a bandage.

Book an appointment for yourself here.

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When you talk with one of my colleagues either virtually or in our office, there is an empathic and creative process of curiosity and caring, understanding, hope, and encouragement we will go through that will lead you to feel “seen, heard, and respected,” feel a “renewed self-confidence,” experience a feeling of “recovery,” creative “solutions,” and a refreshed “strategy.” Our process strives to be engaging and explorative.

It is understood that you want to feel better. You want more from your relationships and for your situation to improve. At the same time, there can be no absolute understanding of what you must start doing, stop doing, do more of, or how to control your behavior to bring about the outcome you want until we begin exploring together.

YOU are Precious

If life has you treating yourself like a machine, as if “getting things done” is the only thing that matters, perhaps you should consider rejuvenating and taking better care of yourself before you experience a breakdown. Some things in life cannot easily be replaced; by this, I mean YOU are precious. If efficiency is truly valuable to you, “self-care” will help ensure you are operating at your best today and for the long term. Reliable, consistent performance may mean taking care before performance suffers due to worn-out parts.

Now Offering Evening & In-person appointments.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said and did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Since we all have problems, the most innovative way forward is to psychologically strengthen ourselves and our lives to deal with them long before they become unbearable. Problems do not come to those who are weak and avoid those who are intelligent and robust, yet we can learn to be better than we are by learning what we can, practicing new skills, and rolling with the unavoidable problems.

Amrit-Kaur- Calgary Psychologist

Consider a few questions:

  1. What is the problem from your point of view?
  2. How does this problem typically make you feel?
  3. What makes the situation better?

Would you like a professional check-in?


Do yourself a big favor and come for a check-in. If you wait for your problems to resolve, you risk them worsening. Talk about concerns while they’re small and somewhat insignificant. If you do, they’ll never morph into more significant issues.

There is no right or wrong, and one reason isn’t better than another. It makes sense that you may want someone to talk with about various concerns. You may have in mind getting support or encouragement. Still, you might desire skills and a strategy to resolve an ongoing issue or acquire coaching involving yourself in a self-improvement project. How are we to know what – specifically – it is you want? Make an appointment and let’s get to know each other.


The Process

Once you schedule your initial appointment with us, you will receive an email with links to our “intake forms” that you’ll need to complete. One form asks you questions like those above. Regardless of your reason or motivation, you would like a session with a psychologist, and the more complete the information you provide us, the better things will go for you. The second form requires you to read and sign our “limits to confidentiality form.” The third link will take you to a brief online assessment highlighting “what’s most meaningful to you.” That’s the process.

The majority of patients (84%) find their practitioners through referrals and word-of-mouth. More than half (56%) look online and 30% look for practitioners close to home or work. Scheduling is important to almost all respondents (97%), with 43% preferring online appointment booking, and many looking for appointment reminders by text, email or phone. – TELUS Health

The Anton Counseling Feel

“Our quality of life means NOT the quality of financial wealth, nor the number of toys we have, but rather our essential beliefs and emotional experiences. The wealth and power we may think we desire are found NOT on the job, in the mall, but in our minds. Our status is NOT reflected by what we can afford to purchase, but by what we can create with our thoughts.” – Richard W. Anton.

As your virtual therapist, I aim to help you untangle and create awareness of how behavior patterns are intimately connected to thoughts, emotions, and past experiences. I will help you look at your situation in a new light and treat yourself with more compassion.

Welcome to our world the world of Counseling & CAREER PSYCHOLOGY

Let Me Reassure You

Couples’ counseling and psychotherapy rely on research and clinical experience to provide a reliable “therapeutic process.” Although it is not for everyone, it may be just what your doctor ordered. We would be pleased to help you bring your desired quality and emotional tone back into focus.


“This can be the source of your unhappiness – your lack of connection to who you are and what makes you unique. The first move toward mastery is always inward – learning who you are and reconnecting with that innate force. Knowing it, you will find your way to the proper career path, and everything else will fall into place. It is never too late to start this process.” – Robert Greene.


Perseverance Pays Off

What if things were different than they are? How would you feel, then? Does anything that you do matter? Yes, of course, it matters. Book a virtual session, and let’s talk about it. No concern is too small or too large. Do not give up. Use your upset, disappointment, and anger as raw energy to propel yourself forward and make a change. Let me help you discover your emotional strengths.

Psychological life counseling & performance coaching improve lives

What’s most important to you? An individual supportive session? If so, click on that button below.

If stretching yourself to become the best possible version of yourself is most important, select the “Stretch Coaching” button. To access either option, there is a one-time fee. The difference between a “supportive session” and stretch coaching” is that getting a supportive session means booking one session at a time. Still, with Stretch Coaching, your one-time fee gets you 6, 12, 18, or 24 individual coaching sessions. Plus, one psychological assessment is included with every six sessions you purchase.


Your sessions and assessments have been bundled to ensure you receive adequate coaching, encouragement, and direction to integrate your new skills and understand how to implement them into your personal or professional life. You aren’t left alone to figure out what to do. You receive understanding, support, and encouragement throughout, assisting you to move from knowledge to action.

One way or the other. Both methods lead to happiness and health.

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#1 Reason People are Booking Appointments

Daughters, sons, and parents don’t always see eye to eye. Conflict continues. With every attempt to explain things, someone is always getting upset. With the support of your therapist, there are skills – that you’ll be coached to practice, such as mirroring abilities. But knowledge about skills alone is often insufficient. We all benefit from gentle guidance and encouragement, and you’ll get that support from your psychologist. It might be a good idea to book a family session or at least one for yourself to get started. Click here.

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Emotionally Perturbed?

“I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like life will fall apart. I feel completely alone and trapped. With no one to turn to for support or advice, I feel overwhelmed by it at the same time. I’m afraid that I’m doomed to a pathetic life. What happens to me if this is true? It might crush me, or even worse, I might suffer alone forever.” – It’s time to check in with your therapist. “A great session in the morning improves feelings ALL day long, ultimately turning into a great life!” – Richard Anton.

Generating the feelings we want is simple enough; our perturbed problem often comes from our confusion. “Our sacred life and our career are not linked or connected. Should they be?” Of course, the answer is yours, but if you want to feel a certain way at work, you know the answer, so you may ask, “how can I do it?”

“Take small risks, get out of your comfort zone, & get more answers.”

Experienced Support is Available for You

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You can actively engage with our Psychologists at Anton Counseling & Psychology in a safe environment. Enjoy a “therapeutic dialogue” that will assist your recovery and ensure you regain control of your life, career, or relationship. Improve communication and re-experience clarity. Explore a seemingly endless array of opportunities.

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I want you to know we’ll take your feelings and best interests to heart. We’ll support you as you cultivate your spirit to feel great again. Equip yourself with the support you need and deserve to avoid and recover from those unpleasant situations and feel more confident that you can achieve your goals. I know that your process is challenging. Together, we’ll care for you and find the strengths that will assist you in moving forward and enjoying the kind of life you deserve to live.

Therapists Counsel Your Inner Strengths

Collaboration with Anton Counseling & Psychology will serve you well. Your experience, plus our expertise, will help prepare you for your next life move or future career advancement. Your Personal Growth is well worth the effort. Today, personal development is critical to keep up and maintain your status.

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Tracy Firth

Get in touch. Make your initial appointment by clicking here. Bring any questions or concerns you have. We’ll spend a whole hour talking about what’s important to you. It’s therapeutic to set your personal & professional development in a healthy direction. You can call reception at 403.263.5543 so that they can book your appointment for you or click the link.

Emotional Struggles Get Emotional Compassion

Anton Counseling & Psychology is here for you. No matter what your concerns are, we can assist you in feeling more confident and less emotional. ALL problems are dynamic. Click here. The most common or typical concerns are interpersonal, stress, social anxiety, career, and self-esteem. Don’t put off your concerns any longer. They might only get worse.

Stressed Out?

Tracy Firth

Although experiencing stress is as normal as breathing in oxygen, we all have an ideal stress level that makes us feel and function at our best. Research has demonstrated that having too little stress causes us to feel underwhelmed and unmotivated. But too much pressure makes us feel out of control, and no one enjoys that. Balancing our stress levels so that they work for us is vital. Easier said than done, I know. So knowledgeable support might make sense.

Manage Your Moods

Our emotions function to guide us through life. But allowing our feelings to teach us is NOT the same as dwelling on them and being emotionally reactive. Life can feel overwhelming; sometimes, it can feel like we’re failing. But another way of thinking about what we’re going through can make all the difference.

Rather than judging our experience negatively as failing at something, it might be just as accurate and undoubtedly more beneficial to think that you made the best decision possible. Now you’re learning to make even better decisions. We often misperceive our moods and emotions as reflecting external events that are not fair or enjoyable. Our emotions arise from blending our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and behaviors.

Self Confidence

Sometimes we don’t realize how confident we are until we open up and share our concerns with an experienced psychologist. Having the support and confidence of a Psychologist can mean that you start to feel like you want to feel more often. It can be beneficial when we’re on a rather challenging part of life’s journey to secure support from a professional who is NOT part of your day-to-day life but is always in your corner.

Family Relationships

Tracy Firth; Calgary

Relationships are the best as long as they’re going well, but they can be hard to take when they’re off the rails. They can cause confusion, upset, and abuse. “Love is alive” differs from “I will always love you.” When someone’s words are not reflected in their actions, it can be undermining. – Amrit Kaur, provisional psychologist

Your Personal Growth

“I’m in a relationship with someone who no longer respects my feelings. Not feeling love, admiration, or even basic respect is frustrating. It can feel like I’m losing my place in the family, and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. I feel threatened. I need help to see the power of my love.”

Anton Counseling & Psychology

You may find yourself wishing that you weren’t even involved anymore. We don’t get married to someone unless we are in love. But that feeling needs to be nurtured and cultivated by two healthy people to live a long and healthy life of its own. It’s not over. Do it right this time around.

Tracy Firth

Are you being told, “I don’t love you anymore?” When a loved one (not one of your kids) says, “I hate you and can’t stand to be around you. That’s just how I feel right now.” You might ask yourself, is there something wrong with me staying? Is there something wrong with me? It’s challenging, I know, but emotional support will increase your likelihood of making wise decisions. It’s not over. Do it right this time around.

Death, Dying, Grief, & Mourning

Close relationships are a blessing. They are a challenge and a responsibility when they move toward their final stages due to a medical illness. For some of us, it’s an opportunity to say goodbye, I love you, and I’ll miss you. It’s not an easy time, so secure emotional support for yourself.

Conscious and Subconscious Processes

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Conscious and subconscious processes interact simultaneously. If I desire my utmost performance, I must set and work toward consciously determined goals [see Scenario-building]. At the same time, I should work and put effort into improving myself more generally to bring out the best version of myself in all my daily tasks [see the continuous improvement process].

Process of Continuous Improvement

First thing in the morning, I try to review my journal. Mornings are vital for me because my mind is not yet cluttered with the trivial details of life; therefore, I quickly focus. I edit existing notes, add additional creative thoughts, and settle comfortably into my day. “Settling in comfortably” is the operative phrase here. Journaling is invaluable for me, but whatever works for you to feel emotionally settled is the way to go.

Settling in comfortably is my ultimate objective.

Any methods you find that works for you are worth any effort required to learn and practice. Who would want to begin their day – and in all likelihood continue – feeling unsettled, off-kilter, confused, doubtful, or feeling any other way than their best? Journaling puts me first and foremost into one of my best and highest emotional states. A precious process, at least for me.

Everything emanating from me, the subtlest thought or intention, is subsequently influenced by this settled emotional state. Settling into an exceptional emotional state, frame of mind, or cognition sets me up for peak performance. The emotional state sets the likelihood of creating a unique structure of mind.

For example. I wake most mornings with a vague sense that something unknown is coming. An exceptional emotional state makes the likelihood of defining [a cognitive process] this unknown quantity I sense coming as “something wonderful” instead of something to dread. Combining a settled emotional state with my frame of mind or cognitive state sets me up for peak performance.

Scenario Building

Scenario Building is an activity that one of my clients – many years ago – encouraged me to practice, as it would potentially create an excellent outcome. I continue working with this concept and have mingled it with meditation, developing my signature process.


We have added “in-person sessions” back into our offerings. Most sessions will continue to occur virtually, as they are convenient and confidential. I will send you a ZOOM link, call you a few moments before, or see you in person at our session.

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Relationship Counseling

Providing Quality Mental Health Services to Individuals and Couples

At Anton Counseling & Psychology, everyone can lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. We help individuals, couples, and families achieve their goals by providing high-quality mental health services in Calgary.

Helping You Make Sense of Your Life Experience

We believe that everyone can live a meaningful and fulfilling life. We provide you with psychologists who offer you counseling services to help you deal with various issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief and loss, parenting issues, self-esteem issues, and addiction. Our goal is to help you develop skills that will enable you to overcome these challenges and enjoy a more satisfying life.

We are committed to providing the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. Our team has decades of experience working with people from all walks of life; we understand what it means to be human and how difficult it can sometimes get through each day without letting the stress get to you. That’s why we’ve created a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their experiences—no matter how painful they may be—and where they know they’ll receive compassionate support that will allow them to move forward with confidence into whatever future awaits them! Contact our Calgary psychologist center today!

Take Action

Anton Psychology provide you with psychologists who offers in-person therapy in downtown Calgary or Online Therapy Services. Access the convenience of our therapeutic experience – therapeutic results delivered by specially trained Anton therapists and Calgary psychologists for mental health care.

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