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Psychological life counseling & performance coaching improves lives!

We are counseling psychologists. How you’re feeling right now is personal. Perhaps more than any other service, Anton Counseling & Psychology counselors, and therapists deal with people in private, vulnerable states. Know that we’ll take you’re best interests to heart. You can trust that we’ll take care of you. You’ll be better equipped to avoid those unpleasant situations. Together, we’ll find the strengths that will assist you in moving forward and toward the kind of life you are meant to live.

Find Your Inner Strength

Collaboration with Anton Counseling & Psychology will serve you well. Your experience, plus our expertise, will help to prepare you for your next life move or your future career advancement. Get in touch. Make your initial appointment by clicking here. Bring any questions or concerns you have. We’ll spend a full hour together talking with you about whatever is on your mind. You can also call reception at 403.263.5543 so that they can book your appointment for you.

Anton Counseling & Psychology is here for you. No matter what your concerns, we can assist you to feel more confident and less emotional. Click here. Some of the most common or typical concerns many of us have are related to stress, leadership, social anxiety, career, and self-esteem. Don’t put off your concerns any longer. They will only get worse, and it will make life unbearable.