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You enjoy life

“Addiction Management” is unique, as are you, and should be customized to fit you and your situation. The simplest and easiest approach is to schedule an individual session for yourself. Your experience and our expertise will blend beautifully.

Consider a psychological perspective. Deep unconscious underlying motivations cause us to addictively scratch and claw our way to feel satisfied at more conscious levels. Unfortunately, these motivations are often not aligned with what’s really important to us. Book your first session with us.

Once you feel more comfortable though, a more thorough or advanced approach involves taking one or more psychological assessments. This way you can focus on your own freshly highlighted strengths, rather than on problems.

Focus on what’s most important to you

Click on the following link to book an individual appointment for yourself with a Counseling Psychologist OR to read more about Anger Management, Career Coaching, OR Couple Therapy.


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