Anger Management

You are strong, with lots of energy


“Anger Management” or “Stress Management” is unique, as are you, and should be customized to fit your concerns. The simplest and easiest approach is to schedule an individual session for yourself. Once you feel more comfortable though, a more thorough or advanced approach involves taking psychological assessments.¬†One to clarify precisely where your anger needs managing, and one to highlight your real strengths. This way you can show off your own freshly highlighted strengths, rather than allow others to focus on your problems.


Don’t get angry, get competitive. I’ve golfed with people who openly encouraged their friend to “get mad.” Although their intention was good, the affect was not. Getting competitive, if you’re a 325 lbs line-backer, may mean getting angry if all you have to do is throw your weight into your opponent to stop his forward momentum. If you work in an office setting or rely upon cooperation in some way to be effective, getting calm, not angry will assist you to be more effective.

Harness your emotions to work for you


Select the following link for an overview of anger management or the link for Tips on anger and on our services & fees. Read about us. We also provide couples counseling, addiction counseling, and career coaching. Click on the following link to book an individual appointment for yourself, or read about “Anger Advantage” coaching.

Anger Advantage II

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