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“We’re fortunate.” If I try and tell you how smart I am, or we are, I’d sound arrogant. But I do have what I believe is wisdom to share. I advise staying focused on playing the cards you’ve been given. Don’t jump ship and look for a better relationship. Improve the one you have and don’t wait for your partner to change. Improve yourself.

Start up a personal journal. Write for 5 to 10 minutes a day. Put in the minor details of what you can honestly feel grateful for because this is essential. Otherwise, it’s just too easy to focus on what we’re dissatisfied with and that people aren’t meeting our expectations. Other people will never consistently meet our expectations, but they contribute to us. Our life journey may be to search for that contribution.

“Let me remind you, living alone can be a lot more difficult than living with someone.” Richard W. Anton


We provided our new and present clients with Zoom sessions and Coaching by Phone throughout the COVID pandemic. Virtual coaching sessions add a layer of confidentiality and convenience. Try something new and explore one for yourself.

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Confidentiality, plus. Use us and our Leadership or Performance Coaching protocols to bridge yourself from where you are now to where you want to be! Book either a ZOOM session or Coaching by Phone.

Remember, individual coaching is about getting support & encouragement to hone new skills. Time practicing, not understanding, will make the difference you’re looking for. Schedule your coaching online with us for professional development or any of our coaching protocols, or experiment by first trying out 2-3 individual coaching sessions.


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