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Feeling Vulnerable?

“I fully appreciate what it’s like to feel emotionally vulnerable with another person. I’ve been there myself.” If you’re looking for an emotional fix, consider working with someone with experience in the therapeutic process who can assist you to self-improve.


Enhance Yourself

It may be easier to say than do, but if you can try being yourself, be selective. Bring your best energy. Before seeking support and connecting with your preferred Psychologist, you may, if you like, review these free resources to enhance and bolster “how you show up,” also called “presence.” – Richard.

Which Approach is Meaningful to You?

Do you have a concern, issue, or problem you want to get support on and resolve? You can take a more behavioral or psychological approach to your situation. Both ways work fine. I would look at both, but you can decide to enhance who you are and feel more resilient or beef up your skillset without changing who you are. Either method will significantly impact and have efficacy regardless of the situation or the environment.

Problems always exist. They are not a reflection on you. How well we face these problems and position ourselves makes the difference. Remember, before you schedule a session, you can check out these free resources first.

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My Approach

Richard W. Anton will coach you on enhanced leadership and performance. To start, you’ll experience “Positive Psychology” and a fundamental “cognitive,” “emotional,” and “behavioral” approach in your sessions. “I’ll listen carefully to understand what’s most important to you.” Then you’ll have what’s unique about you, and your strengths highlighted to add further value to your session. Excellent solutions tend to follow.

Preferred Psychologist

When you’re ready, please book an appointment with one of our Registered Psychologists or myself and experience a real connection with an understanding and empathic person. Plus, experience a deep dive into your emotional experience. We remain committed to virtual sessions but are again in the office and offering in-person sessions. We also have evening appointments.

It is standard for our clients to bring their concerns about addictive behaviors, stress, career dissatisfaction, and relationship issues. Low self-esteem, anger management problems, questions about developing emotional strengths, and concerns about physical health are also typical.

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Psychologists Can Help You

Richard Anton, Career Coach.

Richard Anton is your career coach. “I’m here to support and encourage you to be your best and experience the best. Trust the process. It’s simple. You talk. We listen. What we hear may surprise you.” – Richard W. Anton.

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