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Truthfully, I enjoy discussing and learning about corporate politics, but am enthralled by helping people focus on their strengths, as highlighted through a series of psychological assessments. Utilize your strengths and become what you focus your attention on. Make sure you focus on something you can be proud of and respect.

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My Approach

I, Richard W. Anton will coach you on enhanced leadership and performance. To start, you’ll experience a unique blend of “client-centered,” “Positive Psychology” and a fundamental “cognitive,” “emotional,” and “behavioral” approach in your sessions. “I’ll listen carefully to understand what’s most important to you, and what you hope to achieve by attending counseling sessions.” Then you’ll have what’s unique about you and your strengths highlighted to add further value to your session. You will evolve as a person, becoming more authentic and genuine in your style. Expect your underlying narrative to improve as you explore and discover new skills and a way of being that normally facilitates outstanding solutions.

Enhance Yourself

You can confidently trust your coach to be in your corner, look out for your interests, and help remove obstacles that might otherwise prevent you from experiencing the sweetness of success in any situation. It may be easier to say than do, but consider a perspective aimed at finding “your authentic self.” “Know yourself,” plus “own yourself,” plus “be yourself” add up to an authentic life.Stephen Joseph

Bring your best energy forward, every day. While connecting with your preferred Psychologist you may also review these free resources to enhance and bolster “how you show up in life,” refining and enhancing your “executive presence.” – Richard.

Which Approach is Meaningful to You?

Are you involved in a situation that you want to consult on, receive support, and resolve? You can take a behavioral, skills-based approach, an emotional approach, or a more cognitive psychological approach to your situation. These three approach all work fine. I might encourage you to combine all three and consider the impact of each one on the other two. A convincing combination of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

Remember, emotions are NOT a direct circuit to how the world is treating you, although it may feel as if it is just that. How responsive others are to our needs and feelings are filtered through our beliefs, expectations, needs, and previous life experiences. I will likely encourage you to look at all of these. You can decide to enhance who you are, your personal experiences and feel more resilient plus beef up your skillset. Both research and clinical evidence indicates that the specific method is less significant than the energy, thoroughness, and follow-through of those involved. Our therapeutic approach will significantly impact and have efficacy regardless of the situation.

Preferred Psychologist

When you’re ready, please book an appointment with one of our Registered Psychologists or myself and experience a real connection with an understanding and empathic person. Plus, experience a deep dive into your emotional experience. We remain committed to virtual sessions but are again in the office offering in-person sessions. We also have evening appointments.

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Psychologists Can Help You

Richard Anton, Career Coach.

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