Therapy and Counselling

How do I get therapy for myself?

Ask someone you know and trust for advice or a referral for Therapy & Counselling. If you’d like to keep it quiet, why not try out one or more sessions. Are you going to feel more comfortable with a very experienced and knowledgeable therapist? Or will you simply want to explore and talk out loud freely associating?

There isn’t really a right or wrong way to get started in therapy. I have my preferences. Perhaps you have them too?

Passivity Makes Problems Worse

Therapy & CounsellingWhichever way you decide to go, make your appointment to occur within the next few days if possible. Your concerns are important, so treat them and yourself as important, too. Once you’re in therapy, you’ll find that they’ll be two primary ways forward. You can take a behavioral path forward. This normally means you’ll be looking at your situation or environment, asking yourself if you should stay or go? Our environment is an essential component of feeling happy in life. A more psychological approach means you’ll be working within the domain of your own mind. You’ll consider questions about gratitude, like although this situation is tough, is there anything I can feel grateful for? 

Perception is Everything

As they say, “If you believe that you can,” or “if you believe that you cannot,” you’re probably right.

Practice Accountability

Similarly, if you are dead certain that other people are the cause of all your problems, you might want to think again. It’s never the case that we aren’t contributing to our problems in some way. Finding a way that we can make a change puts us in control and we begin to feel stronger and more confident.

It is normal to have problems! Don’t allow yourself to think that you need to get rid of them all. The key is to learn how to deal effectively with the ones you’ve got. That means getting support and accessing the resources that you need.

We’ve been providing our present clients with Zoom sessions & Coaching by  Phone throughout the COVID pandemic with great success. These sessions are both convenient & confidential. It’s the responsible choice. Try something new & explore one for yourself. 🙂

ZOOM sessions X               coaching by phone ii

If you’d prefer an in-person session, know that we also normally offer this alternative at all of our locations. Sanitisation and proper distancing procedures are in place for your safety and comfort. Wearing a mask is mandatory in reception and all hallway areas, but NOT in our private offices. 100% of ALL our appointments are now virtual.

Therapy & Counselling

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