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Discuss, analyze, and resolve your challenges within a leadership framework.

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I completely understand what it feels like to be vulnerable in front of another person. Believe me. I’m neither a threat to you nor those you live and work with. In fact, from a leader’s perspective, these are all people you should strive to build collaborative relationships with, not domination, which is anything but healthy.

Don’t get angry – get competitive.

I’ve golfed with people who encouraged their friends to “get mad.” Although their intention was good, the effect was not. If you’re a 325 lb linebacker, getting competitive may mean getting angry if all you have to do is throw your weight into your opponent to stop his forward momentum.

If you work in a setting that requires collaboration – and who doesn’t these days – or rely upon cooperation to be effective with your partner, family, and friends, getting calm and not angry will help you be more effective.

Allow your emotions to work for you.

Please select the following links for an overview of anger management Tips or anger management reading & TIPS and our services & fees. We also provide couples counseling, addiction counseling, and career coaching.

“Sometimes I’ll get a headache and get scared, thinking that I’m going to have a stroke or my brain will suffer an aneurysm. I must find “a way out” that is also mentally healthy.” “Book yourself a session – in-person at the Ampersand or virtual – and let us closely listen, learn and understand everything about you. Life these days isn’t easy, and you deserve all the support available to you.” – Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed, anger coach.

I’m Here For You.

Schedule an appointment, and let’s talk.

You need emotionally awake and empathically attuned people who completely and utterly have your back.”

You are strong, with lots of energy.

You have options. “Anger Management” and “Stress Management” should be unique – as are you – and should be customized to fit your concerns. The simplest and most straightforward approach is scheduling an individual session. Consult your counselor about your options. But before you book, spend a little time with these FREE resources.

 anger management calgary

Once you feel more comfortable, though, you may want to consider a more thorough approach. A more thorough or advanced process will involve taking psychological assessments. One assessment will clarify precisely where your anger needs managing, and a second assessment will highlight your natural strengths. Then you can showcase your freshly highlighted strengths rather than allow others to focus on your problems.

Honestly, life’s problems – like anxiety and depression – can be downright troubling. They’re upsetting, can be embarrassing, and frustrating, and medical research tells us that they will prematurely lead to unnecessary medical issues if ignored. If you can relate to any of this, I encourage you to take action, although it is certainly possible that you’re struggling with something about making a change and personal growth.

anger management calgary

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology

Coaching sessions are now both virtual and in-person. We’ve provided our clients Zoom sessions and Coaching by Phone throughout the COVID pandemic. These sessions are both convenient & confidential. Try something new & explore one for yourself.

anger management calgary

In-person and evening sessions are now available at Calgary Place 1, located on 5th Avenue downtown.

anger management calgary
anger management calgary

Your Anger Is Justified, Its Effects, Probably Not. 

Do you get frustrated often? Perhaps you feel like no one understands you? It’s an irritating feeling. We understand where you are coming from if you feel we are describing you. Anger is a natural phenomenon that exists in all of us. It’s an important emotion that we must express. Yes! Anger is not something to suppress. Suppressing anger does more damage than not suppressing it, as it makes you more susceptible to anxiety and depression. And who wants anxiety and depression on their list of problems? Not a single soul on the planet.

But anger is a negative emotion that must be kept in check to live a content and happy life. Anger should not be suppressed but rather controlled. Remember, what you don’t control, ends up controlling you. This is undoubtedly true for anger. If you cannot get a grip on your anger, the anger will have total autonomy over you, and that’s where things start to crumble. Now and then, we get frustrated and let our emotions get the best of us. There’s nothing wrong with anger outbursts, but if they happen in a pattern, that’s when it’s alarming.

Anger is OK – Actions Cause Problems

The consequences of your anger outburst are not limited to you but your surroundings. It affects your loved ones; even if you don’t want that, you can’t help it. So, what can you do when you cannot control your anger?

Do you let it happen and want others to accept it? Or do you fight against it and help overcome it and get it under control? If your answer is fighting and getting control over it, welcome to Anton Counselling & Psychology, your professional Calgary anger management service provider.  

Anger Session

Our therapists work with you to assess your anger, identify what needs control, and propose healthier perspectives to counter them. Our primary concern is your comfort.

Once you are comfortable with us, we proceed toward a more proactive approach, all based on your specific needs and wants. To start with Anton Counselling & Psychology, you can either book an in-person session or seek therapy via our Virtual-Psych program. Whatever feels comfortable, we are just here to ease off your problems. Feel free to get in touch and discuss any of your concerns!

Playful, not angry men have more romantic partners.

“Girls may mature faster than boys,” but let’s not confuse the ability to maintain a “serious focus” with “relationship know-how.”

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