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Life can sometimes feel like a struggle. Let me reassure you that all battles are temporary; we only need to take appropriate action. Seeking the answers to how you can increase your intimacy suggests a higher road than, say, fighting it out or stonewalling. Let me help you with a new perspective that sees the benefits of addressing minor concerns. Those who manage the little things rarely need to fight it out. Another healthy perspective. “We are only given challenges that we can handle – that will ultimately – bring out our best.”

Increased Intimacy. Let me remind you of the obvious. This involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectedness with another person, not winning a battle. It includes the desire to share and respect each other’s innermost thoughts and feelings. Intimate relationships are characterized by mutual trust, caring, and acceptance. It’s not an effective strategy to force your partner to change so you can trust them. In a sense, you must join and become one. Fighting it out doesn’t bring intimacy. It only creates a headache.

This is a twelve-session coaching program. It is intended for individuals who’d like to improve their relationship skills. Expect to take two well-validated and highly-reliable psychological assessments. We’ll spend all sessions on your story, plus highlighting your strengths. You’ll know precisely what to zero in on when interacting with others you’d like to get to know better. Jump right in with this coaching program or secure two or three individual sessions first.


Communicating feelings and understanding emotions helps you to cultivate depth in any relationship. Empathy leads a couple toward a mutually satisfying relationship but still doesn’t ensure one. Finding solutions to issues when emotions are involved is vital. It moves you toward spending more time enjoying each other and less fighting. When you’re ready, it’s time to “skill-up,” be guided by your values, and put your strengths to the test. Feel clear, calm, and focused. Jump right in with this coaching program or secure two or three individual sessions first.

“Lead your most important relationships from mere companionship to real intimacy.”

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