Scenario Building

Scenario Building is an activity I was encouraged to practice – early on in my career – as it assisted my preparation for ideal outcomes. How? Scenario Building – as I teach it – involves deep relaxation. The process assists you to experience a state of “flow.”

I Blend Visualization with “scenario building.”

    • First, to quiet the mind, sit quietly with closed eyes. For example, relax in preparation for an upcoming meeting 15-20 minutes away. Focus on your breathing until you feel calm, then scan your body for additional traces of stress and strain. Focus on those feelings without judgment until they subside. Once you feel much more comfortably relaxed, begin the scenario-building process.


The “scenario building” process

    • Allow yourself to recall a previous unrelated experience. One that you believe you performed at a very high level. You out-performed others and “crushed it.” How does it feel to recall this event?
    • Keep dwelling upon this memory and revel in the feeling tone it creates. See and hear the experience in your imagination. Was this an inner experience? An external one? Were you alone or with others? Imagine all sorts of sensory details until you begin to experience “the feels,” as Tiger Woods calls them – exceptionally positive feelings that you can associate with your upcoming meeting. Now, within your imagination, immediately turn to your upcoming appointment.
    • Imagine the upcoming meeting as it starts and turns toward you. Imagine what people may potentially ask or state for your response. Then, as you continue to have these exceptionally positive “feelings,” imagine yourself responding perfectly well—your best answer.

    • Again, allow yourself to imagine other potential assertions and questions that could be posed to you, both positive and negative. Continue to imagine yourself responding with a perfect reply, each time, associating your incredibly positive responses with your “exceptionally positive feelings.

Continue with this process of imagining potential inquiries and your ideal retorts. This exercise’s excellent psychological outcome is well worth a few minutes of preparation. You are preparing yourself for a successful meeting. You’re now ready to set an “ideal emotional tone.”

Sometimes you’ll realize that you’re in the wrong situation or arena or that your workplace doesn’t offer you an environment that you need to excel, so you search for a new job, perhaps a new career. More frequently, you can realize tremendous success and a smoother life journey by making subtle changes in your strategy. An Emotional Strengths Counselor is available when you’re ready for assistance with this process. 

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