Psychological Diet

Cognitive & Emotional States

What is a “Psychological Diet?” It encompasses both our cognitive and emotional states. What we think about and how we feel. Sometimes, thoughts randomly enter our minds, regardless of our preferences and desires. However, the more important consideration is what we decide to focus on once those random thoughts come to our awareness.

Few people today still believe that there is nothing they can do – that what they find in their mind is there, naturally, and needs to be endured – that they were given no choice in the matter.

Common Knowledge

A lack of psychological savvy isn’t something that anyone must endure. It is common knowledge that we choose our thoughts based on what interests us, our friends, goals, momentary influences, values, passions, and base emotional desires. Consider which randomly occurring ideas are worthy of your attention, focus on the right ones, and clear away others.

What’s Most Important & Valuable to You

If getting and receiving psychological coaching is on your schedule, we will focus on your psychological diet. We utilize well-validated psychological assessments to assist us to quickly and easily zeroing in on what is most important and meaningful to you. We can then start to clarify your purpose in life. You’ll be better equipped to align your thoughts and actions with your values and life purpose to create a happier and more fulfilling life experience. Let’s talk.

Emotional Diet

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