Wipe it Clear


Wipe it clear exercise? My imagination was captured while watching futuristic programs on Netflix. In the future, monitors are part of a glass wall and just as large. Also, you don’t need to touch a screen to wipe a photo, program, or channel to the left to reveal the next one. Futuristic program viewers merely wipe their hand in the air to change channels of what they’re watching.

I loved this notion so much; I decided to incorporate it into this psychological exercise – Wipe it Clear exercise. Merely wipe your hand in the air or recite the command in your mind e.g. “Wipe it Clear.” Meaning? You’re instructing your mind to wipe itself clear of whatever troubling thoughts you have just now determined to be negative, irrelevant, or not worthy of your attention. With practice, you may discover that you now have the additional emotional energy to direct toward more meaningful objectives.