Career Coaching

ZOOM with Jacqueline Limoges, MA Registered Provisional Psychologist. Anton Counseling & Health Psychology was established in 2003. Coaching Leaders since 2011. Every day is a transition with virtual visits. We’re continuously evolving from who we were yesterday into who we were meant to become. We need to keep up, that is, our perception of ourselves;… Continue reading Career Coaching

Your Career Coach

Enhance Yourself Do you have a concern, issue, or problem that you want to resolve? My recommendation is to enhance who you are and feel more resilient. Beef up your skillset without changing who you are and have a more significant impact and efficacy regardless of the situation or the environment. Problems always exist. They are not a reflection on you. How… Continue reading Your Career Coach

Marriage Counseling

Did you know that your 9 AM appointment in Sydney is 3 PM for me? Book your appointment to Zoom with Richard Don’t just look at your spouse as someone to tolerate. At times you wonder why you’re still together, or if there is something wrong with you that is keeping you two together. Am… Continue reading Marriage Counseling

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