About Our Clients

About Our Clients Our Clients are Regular Everyday People Each one of our clients is unique as an individual. They are employed in various industries, working in good jobs and playing sports or entertaining themselves with different hobbies. Some are single, and others are married, both men and women, young and not so young. Regardless… Continue reading About Our Clients

Career Advancement

Make Career Advancement Happen for You. Would you like a new position at work, or perhaps to step up your career at a new organization? One reasonably obvious strategy might be to improve your performance review. So, how can you ensure you achieve an excellent rating on your following performance review? The answer does not… Continue reading Career Advancement

Therapy and Counselling

How do I get therapy for myself? Ask someone you know and trust for advice or a referral for Therapy & Counselling. If you’d like to keep it quiet, why not try out one or more sessions. Are you going to feel more comfortable with a very experienced and knowledgeable therapist? Or will you simply… Continue reading Therapy and Counselling