Jacqueline Limoges

Jacqueline Limoges may be the right therapist for you and your family. Jacqueline is well-versed with family dynamics and can assist you and your family regain the close connections you desire. Virtual sessions utilizing zoom provide numerous advantages in such situations. First, you do not all need to be in the same place or even in… Continue reading Jacqueline Limoges

Marriage Counseling

Did you know that your 10:30 AM appointment in Sydney is 4:30 PM for me? Book your appointment to Zoom with Richard Don’t just look at your spouse as someone to tolerate. Sometimes you wonder why you’re still together, or if something is wrong with you, that is keeping you two together. Am I tolerating… Continue reading Marriage Counseling

Services & Fees details

Services & Fees Services that are both meaningful to you and purposeful underlie everything we do here. That is to say that we focus on assisting you with both your emotional needs and desires. Our daily habits define our lives, therefore, by upgrading our habits we essentially upgrade both the quality and meaning of life.… Continue reading Services & Fees details

Marital Breakdown

I have been married for many years. We’ve built a family and a life together. Now you find yourself thinking about how dissatisfied you are with your partner. You’re “putting up with them,” that’s all. You’ve built a case for yourself of all the reasons you’re not satisfied anymore. Don’t let everything come crumbling down… Continue reading Marital Breakdown

Calgary Career Counseling

Professional Development Calgary Career Counseling – DETAILS Craft A Critical, Analytical Eye. Welcome and thanks for stopping by to visit my website. We can help with your career and everything in your personal life by providing supportive counseling sessions. We intend to help bring back or bolster feelings of self-confidence as you learn and hone… Continue reading Calgary Career Counseling

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