Psychological Diet

Cognitive & Emotional States What is a “Psychological Diet?” It encompasses both our cognitive and emotional states. What we think about and how we feel. Sometimes, thoughts seem to randomly enter our minds, regardless of our preferences and desires. However, the more important consideration is what we decide to focus on once those random thoughts… Continue reading Psychological Diet

Career Advancement

Make Career Advancement Happen for You. Would you like a new position at work, or perhaps to step up your career at a new organization? One reasonably obvious strategy might be to improve your performance review. So, how can you ensure you achieve an excellent rating on your following performance review? The answer does not… Continue reading Career Advancement

Couples Counselling

One hour with a Psychologist – Couples Therapy Click the button above to schedule your appointment – OUR DETAILS Anton Counseling & Relationship Psychology “We’re fortunate.” If I try and tell you how smart I am, or we are, I’d sound arrogant. But I do have what I believe is wisdom to share. My advice… Continue reading Couples Counselling

Preferred Psychologists

What is a Psychologist? A professional who has studied normal and abnormal mental states, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and social processes. A professional psychological therapist practices psychology or positive psychology with the intention of assisting clients in healing and recovery. Psychologists may focus their practice around emotional support and understanding, or they may focus their… Continue reading Preferred Psychologists

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