Your Career Coach

Enhance Yourself Try being yourself, but be selective. Bring your best energy. Before seeking support and connecting with your preferred Psychologist, look at these free resources to enhance and bolster “how you show up,” also called “presence.” – Richard Do you have a concern, issue, or problem that you want to get support with and… Continue reading Your Career Coach

Jacqueline Limoges

Jacqueline Limoges may be the right therapist for you and your family. Jacqueline is well-versed with family dynamics and can assist you and your family regain the close connections you desire. Virtual sessions utilizing zoom provide numerous advantages in such situations. First, you do not all need to be in the same place or even in… Continue reading Jacqueline Limoges

Anxiety and Depression

How You Can Bring Yourself Out of Anxiety, Stress, and Dark Thoughts by Sophie Letts, September 20, 2022 We all feel down and out sometimes. However, your mental and physical health can take a turn when you continually feel like you can no longer cope with things like rejection, unemployment, and grief. It is common… Continue reading Anxiety and Depression

Psychological Diet

Cognitive & Emotional States What is a “Psychological Diet?” It encompasses both our cognitive and emotional states. What we think about and how we feel. Sometimes, thoughts randomly enter our minds, regardless of our preferences and desires. However, the more important consideration is what we decide to focus on once those random thoughts come to… Continue reading Psychological Diet

About Our Clients

About Our Clients Our Clients are Regular Everyday People Each one of our clients is unique as an individual. They are employed in various industries, working in good jobs and playing sports or entertaining themselves with different hobbies. Some are single, and others are married, both men and women, young and not so young. Regardless… Continue reading About Our Clients

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