Preferred Psychologists

What is a Psychologist?

  • A professional who has studied normal and abnormal mental states, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and social processes.
  • A professional psychological therapist practices psychology or positive psychology with the intention of assisting clients in healing and recovery.
  • Psychologists may focus their practice around emotional support and understanding, or they may focus their work on teaching and coaching for professional improvement.

You Have Our Attention


I admire the fact that you’re here. It shows that you’re motivated to do something about your situation. At the very least, you’re indicating a desire to know more. Believe me when I tell you, “you can handle this,” but you’ll need to be strong, and you’ll need support. Your self-awareness that life can be better is encouraging. Who you are in this moment and who you’re becoming offers exciting potential, but first, we’ll need to take a solid look to focus on your strengths. There’s likely an overlooked ability or skill that you can access to quell fear, anxiety, or perhaps even revive a failing relationship.

Easy access.

We are now offering in-person and virtual sessions, plus evening appointments with your preferred Psychologist.

Anton Counseling & Leadership Psychology provides you with virtual coaching. Zoom coaching sessions add a layer of confidentiality and convenience. Improve your self-awareness. Engage your preferred Psychologist in therapeutic dialogue. This is the responsible choice. Try something new and explore one for yourself.

Preferred Psychologists


ZOOM with Amrit, Tracy, or Jacqueline

Your Preferred Psychologist.

Self-awareness often occurs through painful “trial and error experiences.” Psychologists at Anton Counseling & Health Psychology are passionate about assisting you to discover greater self-awareness. Utilize a therapeutic dialogue with one of your preferred Psychologists. The process is pleasurable and not painful.

Registered Psychologists

Potential Benefits of Virtual Coaching

Everyone has their process. Think things through. Journal. Get the support you deserve. The counseling process with your Psychologist – in many ways – is like a personalized educational experience. You’ll learn more about yourself and acquire new skills. Below are some examples of what you can gain from personal/psychological counseling:


We will slowly be adding “in-person sessions” back into our offerings during the new year. Most sessions will continue to occur virtually, as they are convenient and super confidential. I will send you a ZOOM link, call you a few moments before, or see you in person at our session time.

              ZOOM sessions X               coaching by phone ii

If you’d prefer to have an in-person session – know that unless you’re double vaccinated, wearing a mask is mandatory.


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