Crowfoot Counseling Calgary

Virtual Sessions – The Responsible Choice
  • 100% of all sessions at Crowfoot Counseling are now virtual
  • Crowfoot Counseling availability: Monday – Friday 9:00pm – 5:30pm, except holidays
  • To schedule your 60-minute appointment, please click the button below
  • Fees and Contact us at 403.263.5543

registered psychologist

We’re located at 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW Suite 340, Calgary, T3G 0B4

We have multiple Calgary locations. However, Crowfoot Counseling is located in the NW & has free surface parking. You’ll find Calgary Psychologists situated on the 3rd floor of the four-story building. Just across the street, the Crowfoot Crossing Retail Center has more than 350 stores & restaurants for your convenience. Read more about our Registered Psychologists and us.

Calgary locations

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology are local Psychologists belonging to Calgary Psychologists International. You can access us at any of our Calgary locations: Crowfoot Psychology, Altius Psychologists, & TD Psychology. Counseling Psychology is our broad specialization in Private Practice.

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