Ampersand Psychology

We’re located at 144 – 4 Ave SW, Calgary, T2P 3N4.
  • Psychologist availability: Fridays in-person & Virtually Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:30pm
  • To schedule your 60-minute appointment, please click the button below
  • Fees

We have 4 Calgary locations. However, Ampersand Psychology is located in the downtown core with underground parking across the street. You’ll find Calgary Psychologists situated on the 16th floor of the West Tower. Read more about our Registered Psychologists and us.

The Ampersand is a newly renovated high-rise office complex in Calgary. It consists of three identical skyscrapers, designated as North, West, and East Tower. Anton Counseling & Health Psychology has its main office located on the 16th floor of the West Tower.

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology are local Psychologists belonging to Calgary Psychologists International. You can access us at any of our Calgary locations: Crowfoot Counseling, TD Psychology, and Altius Psychologists. Counseling Psychology is our broad specialization in Group Practice.

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