Jacqueline Limoges


Jacqueline Limoges may be the right therapist for you and your family. Jacqueline is well-versed with family dynamics and can assist you and your family regain the close connections you desire. Virtual sessions utilizing zoom provide numerous advantages in such situations. First, you do not all need to be in the same place or even in the same city or country. Only the “primary client” is required to be in Alberta. Second, cross-talk is minimized in virtual sessions. Third, the physical cues that can anger us about others are easily out-shined by more meaningful dialogue. A therapeutic atmosphere is easily achieved.


What We Do as Psychologists

Sessions go by in the blink of an eye. That’s because you have an engaging Psychologist who listens to find out what’s important to you, shares relevant knowledge and experience with you, and is knowledgeable about the therapeutic process. Jacqueline Limoges knows how to “meet you where you’re at.” When you have a goal in mind, and you and your Psychologist can slow things down and focus on sub-goals, time seems to fly.


Jacqueline is an exceptional therapist. From her challenges, she has learned to become a natural person for you, someone of personal value to you on your journey. J.L. will help you to focus on what’s most meaningful and vital to you, assisting you in processing any unique challenges you may meet along the way. Discuss love languages, personal growth issues, or how to find your strengths.

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Jacqueline Limoges is a Registered Provisional Psychologist who validates, encourages, and provides you with the opportunity to reflect on future possibilities. Being accountable and responsible for our life experiences seems to be a new concept for some people, but it should be basic knowledge. Think about what you’re doing that is working well for you. Do more of it.

Consider one of the following options for yourself: Virtual-Zoom sessions, Telephone coaching, and in-person sessions. Due to the higher Covid-19 numbers reported lately and our concern for your safety and comfort, 100% of all appointments are now virtual. It’s the responsible choice. Zoom coaching sessions add a layer of confidentiality and convenience. Try something new and explore one for yourself.

Jacqueline Limoge

Jacqueline Limoges will engage you like a natural person, like a good friend. Understanding and empathic, she is also intelligent, strong, and engaging. Her energy is infectious, so don’t be surprised if you leave your session with a renewed sense of focus, vitality, and a sense of independence. Jacqueline is passionate about and identifies strongly with many women’s issues today.

I am available for virtual sessions on Tuesday from 9 AM to 12:30 PM.

Jacqueline is adept in the process of setting and maintaining healthy personal boundaries. Have you been in a “really dark place emotionally?” Feeling glum? In a relationship that doesn’t support who you are? Talk to Jacqueline about your self-beliefs, finding your voice, self-worth, and assertiveness. You’ll feel her support, encouragement, and guidance.

As a graphic designer in her previous life, Jacqueline continues to bring a genius of “thinking outside the confines of normal solutions.” She will provide you with a unique sense of creativity. Your personal development is well worth it. Please make your first appointment with us.

It is standard for our clients to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, have boundary issues, career dissatisfaction, and relationship issues. Low self-esteem, anger management problems, questions about developing emotional strengths, and concerns with their physical health are also typical.

Client Comments

  • “Thank you greatly for today’s session. I felt like you might be pumping my tires at some points, but that is what I need now. I need some assurance that I am doing okay. I hope that you are right when you said that . . . . brought calmness to my life, but it was inside me the whole time. Because that is the thing I loved most about our relationship. I want to carry that with me in the future. I most appreciated you helping me understand why a good relationship ended; and felt that it was amazing and wanted to succeed. What I would like to talk about next time, maybe, is if this can also be a detriment to me too. I feel like I take on my partner’s problems in many relationships, and it hasn’t been working.”
  • “Jacqueline cares about her clients. She always ensures I leave the room better than I was coming in. I am proud of my growth in my life towards my confidence and happiness.”

Jacqueline Limoges

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