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Mental Health is more essential to our well-being and happiness than we realize. We counsel and promote “Emotional strengths.” This is the domain of Positive Psychology in Mental Health.

My therapeutic process primarily relies on the counseling relationship. However, it’s also common to utilize other Positive psychological strategies. Different types of therapies, such as cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, emotion regulation, and family therapy, are also employed. I will listen to understand your situation and how you feel. I will assist you as you become more precise on your behaviors and capabilities. Most importantly, support you as your life begins to turn and improve.

I assist people with emotional expression, couple therapy, and improving their leadership. Other areas include substance abuse and encouraging the development of critical skills. Critical skills include becoming aware of both positive and negative characteristics of self. Essential self-awareness occurs through the vehicle of individual counseling and can lead to rediscovering values in emotional experience. The change process begins with focused therapy, strong therapeutic relationships & a psychological focus.

Online counseling is also available. This actual psychological process is available to you regardless of where on the planet you reside. Counseling program or coaching programs are currently under development.


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