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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A simple one-hour therapy session. A Counseling Psychologist can provide you with the emotional support or relief you need. “How often should I come?” Your answer depends upon how you’re feeling. It’s common for people to come weekly. Especially at first. You’ll feel the difference.

Visits twice a month will have you walking around feeling happy again and will assist you to maintain this feeling. We all need to feel seen, most importantly, we want to feel recognized and accepted. Achieve these emotional needs – receive strong support – and excellent mental health will find you.

Registered Psychologists & Performance Enhancement

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology is a Private Practice in downtown Calgary, Alberta. We provide our clients with therapeutic support and encouragement for an entire spectrum of concerns.

Local Psychologists Providing Therapy

A single treatment enhances your coping strategy. Therapy focuses on your cognitive processing & cognitive restructuring. Want to go even deeper? Assessment and treatment distinguish a “coaching program” from a single one-hour therapy session. Most noteworthy, we specialize in coaching for, among other things,Anger Management” & “Stress Management.” Of central importance, we offer Leadership Coaching for anyone interested in professional self-improvement.

Get Happy, Start Therapy. Make a Positive Change right from your couch. Get the Help You Need Now — 100% Private Environment. We’re passionate about working with adults to address anxiety, depression, stress, emotional self-regulation, self-harming behaviors, navigating life transitions, and grief and loss.

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