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our family of psychologists wholeheartedly embrace a collaborative, person-centered approach. You can trust your psychologist to be in your corner, to keep you safe, protect you, and share their knowledge or wisdom to help you to successfully deal with any situation. We diligently work together to map out a clear road forward, one that meets your approval, specific wants, needs and aspirations.


“Take Control.”

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A Great Place to Begin
Calgary Psychologist

Want a psychologist who’s easy to relate to?

You’ve come to the right place. Amrit can inspire you with confidence. She has a robust, intelligent & creative approach. You’ll wish you would’ve met her sooner – $150 for one virtual hour. Tracy is warm, light-hearted, easy to talk with and will help you to not feel so down and overwhelmed, while you sort through everything – $180 for one virtual hour. Virtual sessions – Monday-Friday.

Your therapeutic journey could begin here.

You will need to bond with your therapist. This is the only way. Create a professional relationship with this person you are hoping will help you. You and you alone are the most important person in the consulting room, and yet the communication you use and the relationship you develop is crucial to overcoming y our struggle, to your ability to heal, recover, or to feel better and move past that which is holding you back.

What’s Most Meaningful to You?

Tracy Firth, Provisional Psychologist

I became a psychologist because I thrive on tuning in and connecting with others. Tracy is flexible, easy-going, and easy to talk with. I am a single mom, the daughter of a single mom, plus I’m passionate (her emotions are contagious) about and love helping adults with ADHDOCD, and ACES. You will find me intently listening (a great skill you might consider emulating) to your story while I formulate ideas about how to dig deeper, helping you unearth insight and opportunities for personal growth (plan your escape and seize on opportunities to feel better). I offer virtual therapy on Wednesdays & Thursdays (so convenient), $180 per 1-hour virtual session. Direct billing available. Calgary Therapy. Talk about work, talk about your relationships. They’re related.

What’s Most Important to YOU?

Amrit Kaur, provisional psychologist

Amrit is confident, thorough and will take care of everything. Just what you’re looking for in a therapist. She’ll provide you with a strong, yet gentle and caring process, carefully guiding your focus through sessions. You’ll feel safe and confident in her hands. Her therapeutic process includes deep listening. “How you talk to yourself or each other,” informs and illuminates your deeply held motivations. You’ll appreciate her helpful insights. Amrit’s empathic understanding, plus your beliefs or how you “frame and reframe your life experiences” will evolve into a healing and therapeutic experience. Work together as a team of two and feel better. I offer virtual therapy on Mondays & Fridays. $150 per 1-hour virtual session. Direct billing available.

The therapeutic process involves patience, understanding, and how you “energize yourself or collaborate with others.” Most critical is which opportunities you take on and which ones you pass up or don’t even notice. Amrit can guide you through this process virtually, on either Mondays or Fridays.

Change Doesn’t Come Easy

If it did, everyone would do it. So if you want to FEEL differently than you do, CHANGE is likely required somewhere – in your behavior, expectations, perspective, or even strategy. Sometimes it just feels good to connect with another person, but change is healthy and may make us happier, well-adjusted people, but move slowly. It will be less unsettling.

We’re here for you.

Each of us needs to feel we’ve got someone in our corner. You deserve support, compassion, and encouragement. Allow us to “be here” for you.

The majority of patients (84%) find their practitioners through referrals and word-of-mouth. More than half (56%) look online and 30% look for practitioners close to home or work. Scheduling is important to almost all respondents (97%), with 43% preferring online appointment booking, and many looking for appointment reminders by text, email or phone. – TELUS Health

Virtual Mondays & Fridays with Amrit

Talk to me – Amrit Kaur – I have 

Virtual sessions on Mondays & Fridays, only.

Virtual Wednesdays & Thursdays with Tracy

Talk with one of our psychologists – Anton Counseling & Health Psychology also offers Virtual Wednesdays & Thursdays with Tracy Firth.

Take Action

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In-person & Virtual sessions with Richard

Talk with one of our Calgary psychologists – You can also have virtual or in-person sessions with Richard Anton at Calgary Place 1 every afternoon from 1:30 to 5:30 PM. $225 per 1-hour session. Direct billing available.

“I have had the privilege of sitting and talking with a great many people over the last decade, who have struggled and worked through every conceivable challenge imaginable. Hopefully, I have learned a lesson or two that I might be able to share with you.” – Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

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